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White Butterfly Basket

The first few pictures are of the 2001 White Butterfly basket as a work in progress. The bowl measures 12-1/2 inches diameter by 9 inches in height.
The final two pictures are of the finished basket. I turned it into a potpourri basket as you will see in the final photographs.
The scent is vanilla.






Here is the top of the finished bowl.
I layered gold leaf on the entire edge. It certainly sets off the white of the bowl's sides.
I made the potpourri ingredients by hand rather than go out and buy a ready made one. Potpourri ingredients include: five kinds of gold ribbons twisted into horns, five different kinds of gold cordages tied into bows, sandollars, gold-tinted starfish, feathers (goose, emu and others), shredded wrapping tissue paper, gold and white rose-shaped candles, gold bells both with a cordage bow and wrapped in gold mesh cloth, and of course, lots of scent. I chose vanilla since that is a scent most folks find pleasing. It seemed to fit the bride-like gold and white tones of the bowl.
FInished bowl with scented potpourri

A side shot shows the light gold touches of color I stroked on the high spots of the butterfly.

Gourd provided for this project by Sandlady's Gourd Farm

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