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Mind Expansion

Mind Expansion


The computer graphic known as MIND EXPANSION. Early in the morning on August 7, 2002, this image came to me just before I was completely awake -- still in that wonderful morning twilight when psychic communication isn't pushed aside by daily physical thoughts and business. Humans are generally more receptive to their spiritual abilities during these twilight times. We are also more receptive during our dreamtimes. This is called lucid dreaming. There are hundreds of accounts where individuals have been contacted during their dreams by their loved ones who have crossed over. "How do I know if it's a normal dream or a lucid dream?" is the often asked question. A lucid dream is much more clear on details - sights, sounds, smells, etc. than normal dreams. Common messages received during lucid dreaming is that the DP* relative is fine, happy, and that the one(s) left behind need not worry.

That hazy time just at the point where one is not fully asleep nor fully awake is a prime time to get and receive psychic communications, visions, and to travel (OOB**) to places impossible to get to when still inside the fleshy frame. Meditation is another tool to use to gain more spiritual insights. Olof Jonsson: "When one meditates properly, he or she learns to flow with the dimensional frequencies and to enter the higher planes of being while his soul still retains residence in the body." He adds, "Material objects belong to the lower dimension, and if one cannot release his or her hold on them, the liberation of the psyche, both before and after physical death, will be very difficult to achieve."

(*Dead Person -- acronym used by Susan Northrop)

**OOB - Out of Body experience.

Recommended books on the topic of spiritual growth, experiences, metaphysics:
-- Touched by Heaven's Light, Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger.
-- Seance: Healing Messages from Beyond by Susan Northrop.
-- Lessons From the Light, by Kenneth Ring
-- on a more scientific bent, The Afterlife Experiments, by Gary E. Schwartz. Ph.D.
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