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Kasin Hunter's 2002 Gourd Garden

Part Three

This is the garden midway through the Spring.

Yep!  Here's that Devil's Claw plant spreading over the front entrance way.

Instead of hardshell gourds using the arbor,  one of the volunteer coyote gourd vines decided to claim it.

All those leaves are coyote gourds.  The tall stalk to the left is a native, white-shell sunflower.

Here is another sunflower to right.  It's about seven feet in this shot.

Huge Devil's Claw plant

Coyote gourd vine on arbor

The arbor from another angle

Native Southwest Sunflower
All was going well enough until that dreaded afternoon when it struck . . .

The Wrath of Dog!

The Wrath of Dog!

I had taken a short nap and when I awoke, I viewed the work of my three furry friends. They were all exiled to the dog yard and their milkbone privledges taken away for a month!  Half the chili peppers were razed to the ground.  Dozens of softball-sized coyote gourds were strangled from the vines.  The garden  never recovered.

DOGS!  You gotta love 'em???

Fortunately,  their furious paws never got to my gorgeous Devil's Claw plant nor my sunflowers.  And this week I spied two hardshell gourds taking shape near the south side of the yard.  

I learned my lesson -- naps and loose dogs don't mix.  Welllll, there's always the Fall! Carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, cukes . . . . . . .

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