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Birdhouses Made

From Gourds

by Kasin Hunter,

(page three)

More birdhouses for friends and family.

welcome close

welcome rear view

Here's some detail shots of the birdhouse seen on prior page.

Made for out-of-doors, this birdhouse has vent holes on the top to let the heat out during the warm summer days. To protect  the vents in order prevent rain from coming in, I glued overlapping gourd seeds for the roof leaving the vent holes open underneath.

Here's the rear view of the "Welcome" birdhouse.  Acrylics, pyroengraving, polyurethane finish.

happy darrell

My brother-in-law -  happy with his two new gourd birdhouses.
carousel, whole

canopy and base

side of the trail  lazy daisy inn  leafy hideaway
By the side of the trail                          Lazy Daisy Inn              Leafy Hide-away

mahogany  birdy bungalow
              Mahogany                                              Birdie Bungalow

Birdhouses can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, and size doesn't necessarily have to be an issue for the decorative birdhouse.

To the left is a birdhouse carousel I made for an exchange. From the canopy hangs several miniature birdhouses, all different designs.  This was given in a 1999 exchange.

A close-up of the canopy and the base.  The canopy was made from the bottom of a kettle gourd.  It is trimmed with natural fiber ribbon.  The leaves are real - decopauged on one by one.   From the canopy's edge hangs small wooden gourd beads.

The base is simply a ceramic pot turned upside-down, filled first with sand with a cloth glued over to maintain the sand.  A feather bird in its nest sets off the base.

Here are some of the miniature gourd birdhouses hanging from the

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