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Birdhouses Made

From Gourds

by Kasin Hunter

(page five)

Birdhouse related gourd art.

feeder front  feeder back

simple feeder

When one thinks of gourd birdhouse, it spurs the creative mind onto other, related topics.  Here's some birdhouse-related pieces also done in the gourd medium.

To the left are two simple bird feeders.

The first feeder is cut front and rear, each with a different design, front -- a cattle head shadow, the rear -- an eagle shadow.

This second feeder is simple a long-necked  gourd with holes cut on four sides for access to feed. Can't get much easier than that!

blue hummer nest
Blue bird - top view.

1999 hummer nest
Blue bird - front view.

green hummer nest
Green bird - top view.

1999 bird nests.

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