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Green Eggs,

No Ham.  :)

Yesterday, my little Araucana Araucana profile blessed me with a lovely, little green egg.  It's gorgeous. I was hoping for either blue or green and had been eagerly waiting.

Araucana Profile

See, all my other hens have already started laying, except for the little one, Lovey, who had the dog attack.  (She's recovering nicely, by the way.  Everyone has gotten wing-clipped, so no more traveling into the neighbor's yard.)  I've been getting brown and white eggs for several weeks now.  But up until yesterday, no eggs from the Araucana. 

Well, she finally caught up, and I got my first egg from her.  Here's the first picture!

Green Egg in carton with brown and white.

The green egg is the one top center, of course. 
The white one is from White, my White Leghorn.
The browns are from Barred Rocks, Red Sex Links, and
Rhode Island Reds.

Araucana with White Leghorn The Araucana and White, my White Leghorn picking some goodies off the ground.

My little Araucana was scratching around the nesting area in the coop which is very unusual for her.  She's hardly ever in there.  She spent about ten to fifteen minutes scratching around some new alfalfa I had just laid down, sat in it, wiggled around, picked at it; but then moved to another spot.  She did the same thing to five different nesting areas.  After about an hour or so, I gave up hoping for the  big event, and retreated into the workshop to pay some bills.

Just before work, I went out to give the dogs milkbones, and there on the gravel was her gorgeous pastel green egg. I was so excited. 

Green egg in bowl with other eggs.

You can really see the difference between the green egg at 10:00 o'clock  and three browns and the white egg at 5:00 o'clock.  I put it up against my paint bottles, and it more closely matches a pastel green color.   The closest color match on the Dutch Boy color chart is "Contemplation" #310-2.

A green egg!
Here, Red and Spot are looking over the egg.  Can chickens see color?

Red looking over the eggs.
Here's a good closeup with Red looking on.

What a neat day!  I have a yard full of rainbow chickens and now rainbow eggs.  :)  :)

Here's my Araucana's beautiful back feathers. I love the patterning and color. She stopped for a belly scratch, so it was easy to get the picture with my free hand. She likes belly scratches.

Belly scratch and feathers.


seamless tile
The background seamless tile on this page (sample above) is fashioned from this picture of her feathers. I selected a portion of the picture then ran it through my effects editor for oil painting then topography. The seamless editor was used to make the seamless tile. Pretty effect, don't you think?  I wouldn't mind having this on the walls to a den or as a large wall hanging.


This is the other Araucana in the yard. I still think he's a male, although he's over five months old and hasn't crowed yet. He hasn't laid an egg either, so I'm still wondering about 'im. :)

The other Araucana, a male?

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