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EGGS! YUM . . .

My first, fresh egg breakfast in 20 years! YUMMMMM . . . here's how the story came together:

The Eggs ** probably Rhode Island Red
the eggs
The Skillet ** nonstick 14 inch, HOT
The skillet

Listen to them sizzle!
sizzling in the pan
Plated Eggs
eggs on the plate
Breakfast is served! Fresh picked Wilcox peaches courtesy of Apple Annie farms, soy milk sweetened with horchata, ripe banana (just the way I like them) and a touch of lite yogurt.
chow down!
The aftermath . . .
all gone!

I can't believe how tasty that was! Fresh eggs stand up in the skillet better; are better consistency through the white; the yolks have a much richer, yellow color; and they have a deeper eggy flavor than typical store-bought eggs. Delish! Tomorrow, salsa omlet!
Now who's washing up???

Thanks for joining my egg adventure.

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