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Holiday Chicken

Welcome to my Holiday Chicken page.  With chickens being a part of our everyday life, there's certainly no reason to exclude them come the holidays.

Since it's close to Halloween, my first Holiday Chicken project is of course for Halloween. Here we go!

Holiday Chicken

A fun and quick chicken idea for Halloween is  Eyeballs Under Glass.   You will need:
  • a large, clean, canning  jar or other see-through glass container with lid
  • several week-old eggs
  • green food coloring
  • soft, clean paintbrush
For this simple and "eye-catching" idea, we'll be using one of the common end products (pun definitely intended) -- the egg.  Actually, several eggs.  You will want as many eggs as it takes to fill your jar.

Hard boil several week-old eggs.  Older eggs work better than fresh eggs when it comes to boiling  - it's a carbon dioxide thing.  If you're scientifically minded, checkmark click here to find out why.  If you're not sure how old the eggs are, fill a glass with water, then drop in the egg in question.  If it floats, it's too old.  Don't use it. 

As soon as the eggs are hardboiled, dunk them under cold running water.  This will help them set up for peeling.  Set aside to cool.  When cool, peel off the shells.

Now cut off the ends until you see the yellow yolk.  See how round it is?  Are you seeing where I'm going?  :) 

Take your clean paintbrush and dip the handle end into the green food dye.  Now lightly press the dyed end onto the yellow yolk.  Voila!  Instant eyeball.  If you want a larger pupil,  flip your brush around and paint on instead.  Set your "eyeballs" aside.

With your dried eyeballs in hand, start on the bottom of your glass jar and layer in the eyeballs with the pupils facing out.  Press the yolks right up against the glass. Lay each one side-by-side until they the bottom is covered.  Now put in the next layer and continue up until the jar is full.  Place lid. 

Here's lookin' at ya!
checkmarkHard-boiled eggs -  after eggs sit for a time, carbon dioxide collects inside the shell causing a space to occur between the egg contents and the shell.  The older an egg is, the more space is created.  When an egg is boiled, this space makes it easier to peal off the shell. Now you know the secret of easy pealing eggs.

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