Welcome to Kasin Hunter's Art From My Heart web site. Gourd art, craft supplies, SAGA link and more.
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Kasin Hunter's
(C l i c kn a m ef o rb i o.)
Art From My Heart
the Southern Arizona Gourd Association

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CLICK HERE to see barrets, birdhouses,
                dog biscuit bowls, good luck garden Geetles, 
                ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, candles, ducks, hummingbird nests, 
                LoveTouch(c) gourds, LifeTrail(c) gourds, year-round ornaments, 
                cactus planters, potpourri bowls, snowmen, Three Sisters Gift Pack, 
                water bottles, and so much more!

Kasin Hunter
P.O. Box 26037
Tucson, Az. 85726

Southern Arizona Gourd Association
P.O. Box 26037
Tucson,Arizona, 85726

Gourds for Sale:
These selections are completed and ready for sell. If you desire details, email here. Click on pictures for enlargements.

African Hill Top Dancers

Materials: leather dye, charcoal, oils, bronzing, hemitite heishi
Western Water

Materials: acrylics, bolo ties, turquoise stones, copper buttons $45.00
Woven Butterfly

Materials: woven horse hair and pineneedles, lacework butterfly, acrylics, pheasant feathers

Shipping and payment alternatives can be found at the bottom of this page. email Kasin Hunter directly.

Thank you for shopping at Art From My Heart. Payments: (American personal check or money order.); Paypal accepted.

Customer pays actual shipping costs. No handling fee.

Prices do not include taxes.

Orders outside of Arizona, no tax required.

Tucson, Arizona residents -- add 7%.
Arizona residents outside of Tucson city limits -- add %5 tax.


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*** (Please, NOTE: artist, Kasin Hunter, will not be accepting any more gourd art orders until further notice. Orders for Devil's Claws, cactus lace, and coyote gourds will be accepted at any time. Watch this page for gourd art pieces as they come available.)

Email: heartart@gourdsbykasin.com
Year 2000 and prior web site: Kasin's main Gourd Art Gallery

Year 2001 web site: Kasin Hunter's 2001 Gourd Art


SAGA gourd art show at the Tucson Public Library for November, 2001.

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