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Welcome to an online look at
Judy Iwata-Smith and her family's
Gourd, Herb, and Pistachio Farm

Judy, her husband, Keith and teenage sons, Jason & Ben, all live on a 320-acre farm called Rising Star located in Sunizona south of Willcox, Arizona. Four- and two-legged friends, dogs, chickens, and an independant duck called HeShe keep Judy and her family company on her Pistachio, Herb, and Gourd enterprise.
Here's Judy by her gourd drying racks.

The most extensive area currently developed is the pistachio orchard and covers 50 acres.

Workshop From the second window of her domed workshop (see at right), I took this beautiful shot. To the rear is a portion of the pistachio orchard. To the fore is her gorgeous new gourd arbor. To put the size in perspective, the crossbeams overhead are telephone poles!
Above is last year's arbor. It worked fine for what Judy was doing with gourds at the time. However, Judy's plans are much bigger. This whole field below is all gourds!

Nearby, Judy has her gourdettes (baby gourd plants) nestled happily in black plastic bags. Let's see -- there's clubs, canteens, baskets, snakes, and . . . and . . . and . . .

See Judy's welcoming herb garden.