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Welcome to a continuing online look at Judy Iwata-Smith and her family's
Gourd, Herb, and Pistachio Farm

gardenrow Another enterprise is Judy's herb garden. Rather than planted in square rows like typical gardens, this one has circular rows, making it friendly and welcoming. Step over the fence with us and take a look inside:

Judy grows many herbs and vegetables to sell at regional markets. She grows calendula . . .
. . . echinecea . . .
. . . and uses chicken wire to protect her plants from birds . . .

Ever hear of T-tape? It's a great irrigation system using long lines of flat, plastic, hollow, tape. When fixed together on a central water supply, water feeds into each row with little water waste. Another benefit is that T-tape rarely plugs up like emiters.

With all that work behind her each day, Judy takes time to cook a nice meal in her outdoor adobe oven.
outdoors baking oven

Occasionally, Judy and her dogs take a dip in the pond, a local government-supported project built to encourage migrating flocks to take a dip, too.
The duck to the left is HeShe, a duck that flew in and decided to stay. Judy understood that HeShe liked being independant, not wanting the company of the other ducks in the open-topped wire pen.

When the work is over and the weather is right, Judy enjoys this outdoor tub. It is ingeniously heated underneath with flow through venting, heat made with a wood fire underneath.

Phone number: 1-520-824-3644

Judy is a member in good standing with The Southern Arizona Gourd Association