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Some of the best shows have come to t.v. in the last couple years. One of those shows is Hack starring David Morse.  Presently showing on Friday nights in the 8:00 time slot, Hack is a amalgamation of talent. Below are some background reviews on the crew  if you're so inclined.  Otherwise,  jump here for some gallery shots.  

Gavin Polone - Executive Producer.
    Producer of Panic Room (2002), 8MM (1999), Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999),
Stir of Echoes (1999); Screenwriter of Panic Room (2002).

David Shore - Executive Producer.
    (Currently in research stage.)

Thomas Carter Thomas Carter - Executive Producer.
    Actor in Money Hustle (1977); Director of Save the Last Dance (2001),
Metro (1997), Metro (1996), Swing Kids (1992).

Anyone having more information, pics, write-ups about the cast of  Hack -- lighting crew, post-production, wardrobe, etc., please contact me so I can review and enter the info on this page.
email:  Kasin Hunter.

Hack Epi Gallery - Brother's Keeper, Slippery Slope.