Tutorial for a Gourd Rainstick, Part Two
by Kasin Hunter

Attach a long string to one end of the gourd as shown below.
wrapping string 1 wrapping string 2
barber pole Imitating the stripes on a barber pole, wrap string around gourd until the gourd is completely wrapped. Leave about a fingerlength between each row of wrap.
You can make each row closer to one another if you want. It will result in the use of more fruit skewers. Don't make the rows too close or the fill will be congested in use.

Tape other end of string. Tape a string in the same fashion to the smaller top gourd piece. Note: you can use masking tape all the way around instead of string.

Drilling the holes

Choose a drill bit that is about the same thickness as the fruit skewers you are using. It is easy to do this by simply holding up the skewer against the drill bit.
selecting the right drill bit

About every two inches, drill a hole along the string as shown below. Also drill the top gourd piece.
strung gourd
Sometimes helping hands makes the task goes faster and a lot more fun.
Drilling holes


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