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SAGA Newsletter 09/01, page 3.

of the screens and then turn the screen over and smack it onto a cloth.  the sheet should come right off. Then put the sheet between two pieces of cloth (untextured) and pressed it under very heavy weight to compress it.  Pamela

Bread dough for carrot noses on my snowmen?  How?!
-- remove the crust from stale white bread and crumble it.  Mix it with Elmers white glue.  (Ratio is one slice of bread to one tablespoon of glue.)  If you put a thin application of vasaline on your hands the glue won't stick.  Then you knead it until mixed well.  You can then add a few drops of acrylic paint and knead in well. Then just form items and air dry.  Drys hard as a brick.  Diane
Baking plastic clay like Sculpey:  you have to bake it in a oven at 275 for 10 min per 1/4 inch.  Stacy.
Reindeer Poop?  I've never seen raindeer poop, but seen some Snowman poop!!  Same idea as the deer, but they used white mini fuzz balls instead of chocolate & put the little verse on the pkg.  Bev in Mich.

Sweaters for snowmen:  you might try using old sweaters . year round i buy them at yard sales and  flea markets. they make wonderful scarfs and hats out of them. sperry ga

Hi, gourd family.  There has been some requests about rattles and rattle making; so here's
a tip that Cynthia, Womyn Who Moves Mountains offered while we were at Sandlady's Gourd Festival this year.   When filling rattle heads with beans, add uncooked rice.  The rice is polished as the beans move against it and gives the beans a good slip for a nice sound as the rattle matures with use. (Information given with Cynthia's permission.)  Kasin.

Hi all. Also try number 8 or 9 shotshell pellets. I bought a real old gourd rattle a few years back , an the handle came off , so I checked to see what they used before I glued it back. Thats what they used. It"s still the best sounding rattle I have heard. I think beans an rice etc. are good to use, but after a period of time , they break down. If you have an extra rattle , give it a shot so to speak < grin>  They really sound good.   Take care  I J.

Wax coated gourds:  I leave the gourd in the oven long enough to get the gourd warm........ so the parafin will soak in....... and I put it back in the oven after "sloshing" the wax around to make sure that it all gets an even coating. When I took it out I put it on news paper, upside down, so the excess wax could drain out. I put it in a bird feeder.......... sorry but I can't tell you if it is still holding up. Hazel

Bones and gourd art (nothing goes to waste with a good crafter) If you will use a concentrated solution of TIDE and soak the bone or antler in it will clean and lighten and deoderize. webb.

There's a start for your gourding. If this stimulates more questions, feel free to
contact me. I'll help where I can. Kasin Hunter - 520-746-1563.

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