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SAGA Newsletter 09/01, page 4.


 Quiz of the Month:  Name three sculpting mediums to make snowman noses.


       ADVERTISE IN the Southern Arizona Gourd Association Newsletter -- For Free!

  As of March 1, 2001, SAGA members may advertise in the SAGA newsletter for free. You must be a paying member, in good standing.  Ad length can be no more than 5 lines.  (Non-Saga members   pay $1.00 for each 5-line ad.)  have gourds to sell?  Want to notify others of your latest artwork for   sale?  Want to tell others of your gourd seed surplus? Have an event you want published?  Put it   in the SAGA monthly newsletter today!  Call kasin at 520-746-1563 or write to address given   below. 

 SAGA MEMBERSHIPS - If you haven't yet sent your SAGA membership check in, call me,
Kasin Hunter, at 520-746-1563. SAGA membership for 2001 is still just $3.00 (from October for the
rest of the year) - that includes our fun meetings plus a moonthly newsletter jam-packed with gourd
tips, contests and news; so join up now! You can make out and send your check or money order with
return mailing address to our new Treasurer, Jo Ludwig:

Jo Ludwig; 7570 E. Speedway, #630; Tucson, Arizona 85710
Please, put a note in the memo line that it is for SAGA membership, but make the check out to Jo.

     Quiz: Name three sculpting mediums to make snowman noses.
     Answer:  Sculpey, Fimo, bread dough/white glue mix.

Monthly Meetings

 (Remember, you are welcome to bring your latest project(s) to show and tell to ANY meeting during
                          the year.  We'd love to see them!)

 The following ideas were offered in January's meeting by SAGA members and affiliates.  We can add
  ideas as needed. (Please, note that if you don't see an idea here and you would like a project added,
 contact a SAGA member or mention it in a meeting so we can include it somewhere along the line. As
 I mentioned above, projects are decided on at the beginning of the year, each January; but if we have
 the opening and a teaching host available, we can insert your desire somewhere in the year's        agenda.)

October - "No bad gourds"  In other words, bring your scraps, your strangest looking gourd and we are going to make things you can't imagine - earrings, necklaces, pendants, even animals!  After all, there are NO BAD GOURDS. Bring your ideas, your plans, your examples, your gourds and gourd scraps. 
(Thanks, Tery, for the idea!)
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