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SAGA Newsletter 09/01, page 5.
November - Copper inlay is on the agenda for this month, wonderful compliment to Autumnal leaves and the Thanksgiving fair.  Kasin will also show how to make  a Gourd Turkey, complete with feathers for the holiday table.  Bring your  Christmas ornaments and table decorations to show off.

December - No meeting due to the holidays.  See you next year!!


The Gourd Lady - Judy Iwata-Smith
  P.O. Box 193, Pearce, AZ 85625
1-520-824-3644 or 1-888-486-3640

Beckelman Farms - gourds: minis, dippers, bottlenecks, kettles, baskets, apples, more. By
appointment only. Call Larry Beckelman 398-2300 in Arivaca, Arizona.

New Georgia member, Kathy James and her husband, Bob, have a small gourd supply webstore at They sell Fiebing's leather dye for $4 a bottle, waxed beading cord for
$4.50 per 75 foot roll in 3 colors, 450 ft spools of 3-ply artificial sinew in 4 colors for $7.00 each,
special transparent rulers for marking even holes around gourd rims for only 50 cents each, gourd
notecards, special braided sinew, beads, seashell slices, feathers, how-to booklets, and more. They
sell more than is listed on the website, so ask for whatever you need! They can be reached at the
website or (229) 420-9982 or by emailing Bob at

Devil's Claws/coyote gourds.  Kasin Hunter is selling native growing Devil's claws for $2.50 each. They are unique botanical ornaments for gourds and wreaths.  Coyote gourds, the only native growing gourd in the United States makes wonderful Christmas and Easter ornaments. Light, glass-like, about the size of a tennis ball. $1.00 each, dried.  Contact Kasin Hunter, 520-746-1563 or email Add $3.50 for Priority ship.

Gourd Teeshirts: "Gourds are like potato chips . . . you can't just have one!!!" with illustrated front and back. Quality Fruit of the Loom material. Sizes small, medium, XL, XXL and XXXL available.  Only $12.00. Add $3.50 for Priority ship. Call Kasin Hunter 520-746-1563 or email  While quantities last.

Pattern packets.  How-to create a seasonal Red and White Sponge painted mini ornament. Or select the Peppermint Mini-bottleneck with Twisted Wire Accents pattern. Each pattern packet comes complete with illustrations and easy to follow instructions. $2.00 each.  Need a mini-bottleneck, too?  I have them available! Add $1.00 for each mini-bottleneck gourd. Shipping is $3.50 anywhere in the continental USA. Call Kasin Hunter at 520-746-1563 or email

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