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Welcome to
The Virtual Gourd Garden

brought to you by
Hunter/Skinner Productions

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow your own garden of beautiful gourds? Have you ever asked yourself, when do I plant? How to I select seeds? Where do I plant. What fertilizers do gourds use? These and a dozen other questions may have crossed your mind.

By using The Virtual Gourd Garden, you can answer these and other questions at no risk of sunburn or finances. Your only investment is a little time, a sense of humor, and a touch of adventure.

Grow your own On-line Virtual Gourd Garden, complete with as many realistic and random features as a REAL gourd garden. Encounter the joys and challenges of growing your own Gourd Garden right here, before you spend a dime on a single seed or lift one shovel of manure.

Your Virtual Gourd Garden will probably be unique to you. It's unlikely that anyone else will have exactly the same garden doing exactly the same things at the same time of year. Your weather features will be different. Your pest problems will be different (yes, you even have to deal with those bothersome pests in a Virtual Gourd Garden -- after all, you want to see what's involved with growing a REAL gourd garden, right?)

As with any garden, some choices are made by you, the gardener. And your garden will profit or decline according to those choices you make. Also, there are some elements bestowed by Mother Nature -- random events that can also either profit or hurt your garden, just like real Mother Nature. The Virtual Gourd Garden has been programed to include both these aspects--some events you can control; others . . . well, the garden gods will have their say regardless of what you do.

Want to grow your own Virtual Gourd Garden? Take your mouse (not the only animal in a gourd garden--no siree!) and lift the seal to the Gourd Garden Gate below.

May the blessings of peace and a happy garden be yours! God luck and God bless!

Virtual Garden

I'll return to my garden later. Right now I'd like to explore
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