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A 2001 look at my four-leggers, furry, muggers (dogs!)

Bear, the grandma of the yard, has seen it all -- all except this - Mom leaning over the fence, camera in hand. Bear's face seems tolerant, but also asking, "Mom! What RU doing???!!!"
Mom! What RU doing?

What a cutey. Here's Del, short for Deliverance. Del has been through the mill, from severe abuse, to starvation, to having to live on the street with ticks and fleas so bad that I couldn't even see in his little ears when I first rescued him. As you can see here, he has much happier story to tell. He's actually chubby! And look at the love in those eyes. Hi, sweety!

Blacky is the mucho macho male of the yard. This is HIS kingdom from fence to fence, from tree to shed. Each chewbone, each morsal of milkbone, each remnant of kibble is HIS and HIS alone unless he feels generous enough to share.
If you notice, there are four collected pieces of rawhide and chewies around him. This was not by mistake.
Blacky's Domain
Sir Blacky Psssst. By the way, when I'm not around, he shares with the others. He lets his sister, Hope, eat before he does and he'll occasionally drop his chewy at his sister's feet for her. Stuff like that. Still if he gets too full of himself, I spread the wealth, making sure everything is fair. I think he just likes to show off when I'm around. He's the ruler. Pass the crown.

The best picture for last. My little Hope, Blacky's sister. She has a heart of gold. And how could you not fall in love with that goofy grin?! What a cutey! She gives the BEST hugs.
See the stack of strawbales in the picture above of Blacky? That's her mountain of solitude. She's the only one who gets up there - with her long legs (like Blacky, she is part doberman pincher, part black labrador), she has no problem with long jumps. Pretty much, she's staked her claim to it despite what King Blacky has to say about it!
Hope's Grin


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