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Drums by Kasin Hunter, 2001

Row Three

Just prior to the drum workshop for the Southern Arizona Gourd Association, I constructed some additional drum-related items as follows. These are rabbit fur beaters. I took two sanded chopsticks, covered the tips with raffia, then rabbit fur and cinched them on with artificial sinew. They have a great sound on some of the drums.
rabbit fur drum beaters

Here's a couple more beaters, "A" is made from a whitetail deer antler which has been stained with an acrylic wash; "B" are made from these simple materials: chopsticks, Arizona cotton stuffing, artificial sinew lashing, and cheaters (knee high stockings.)
drum beaters from knee highs and white tail deer

These water drums are sooo easy to make. Cut and clean two differently sized gourds. Put water in the larger one. Invert the smaller one onto the water. Beat on the smaller, floating gourd. Experiment with gourd sizes and water volume for different sounds.
a couple of water drums

I had a chunk of irregular leather left over, so I dug out an old metal rim I had from a whiskey barrel planter that had long ago disintegrated. I wove the wet leather inside the metal rim. When dry, I painted the border in three colors: metallic turquoise, white and adobe, then added some bells on top for additional sound. When struck, it has a deep rich sound. The rabbit fur beaters sound especially good on it.
shield drum

Whichever drum you make -- Happy gourding! Happy drumming! -- Kasin Hunter

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