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Valentine's Day . . . mmmmmmm, yes!

"Tell me what is Love?"

"Sometimes I think I would Love a long luxurious night, alone with

Michael T. Weiss.
Just to Pretend a while.


"Sometimes I think I would Love (and try to survive) an intense one-on-one weekend -- to crawl into the bed and into the brain of Tommy Lee Jones.


"Sometimes I think I would like to look at myself in the mirror, say, I love you, and mean it clear down to my toenails -- even if they're not painted at the time.


"I felt Loved in church, as a child, sometimes."

God is Love.

"I tell my dogs I love them. . . . so, there's different kinds of love? Do we really have to define this?
. . . tell me, what is Love?"

Paris Cards
What's Love without Food?
What's Love without a little fantasy?
What's Love without a little music?
What's Love without a little cruelty?
What's Love without some visual appeal?
What's Love without getting linked?
So . . . what is Love for you?

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