How to Make Beaded Columns
by Kasin Hunter

Load five beads. Run through the last bead then rethread the beads down to the base, cinching up tight bead five so your column will stand by itself. This is what I learned for tassles and it works here, too.
Then, stitch over one bead to make a one-bead space from this column to the next.
Load six beads. You will use the sixth bead as a spacer bead from column two to column one. Return to first column and rethread down through entire column. This strengthens column one as well as gives you a new starting place for the up-incoming column three. You now should see column one joined to column two with the extra bead six you priorly loaded.
Pass the needle through the next three base beads. This will put you in the next "valley" in the Gourd Stitch sequence.
Load another six beads. Restring down through column two and continue sequence to end of row.

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