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2001 Gourd Lamp Page

Gourd lamps make a nice accent in any room. They can be placed on a table or hung from a wall. Some sconce-style gourd wood lamps can be used on windows to let the natural sunlight through.
The unusual lamps below are made from dolphin gourds. Some call them maranka gourds. They remind me of the gothic light fixtures you see in haunted house movies. The striking ridges are natural. I made the cutouts between the ridges to let the light through from the 4-watt nightlight bulb which I wired inside.
dolphin gourd lamp hanging
Although they don't cast a lot of light, they make interesting accent pieces. They certainly catch the eye and for me, well, they are spooky and raise goosebumps whenever I see them!

This lamp can set or hung.
dolphin gourd lamp

Here is an eerie image of this gourd when lit.
maranka gourd, lit
Gourd supplied for this project by Beckelman's Farm.

Here's a sconce made from gourd wood. The shiny orbs are clear marbles set in the wood the backlight shines through. The "cheek" and curly hair of Mr. Moon is textured. His nose is dremeled. Tiny white pearls on inset below for star indications.

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