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The Tree of Life
in Teakwood

The tree of life
(Pictures taken in September, 2001.) 
Custom made for the Overseas Designs and Import shop at one of our local malls, this piece took my mother's eye - she said I had to see it. It was WELL recommended. I couldn't believe it. Never have I seen such beautiful carving in depth and detail. I counted four layers of jungle theme from outer layer going in towards center. How he did it, I'll never know.

The artist shown here in this photo worked on this piece
for 15 months, 8 hours each day.
The carver of this masterpiece

First long shot. The piece is made of Teakwood and is approximately five 1/2 feet tall with table boost. Without, I'm estimating it at being 4 feet tall. Diameter est. at 2 feet thick.
First long shot

Second long shot
Second long shot

Third long shot
Third long shot

Exterior, first shot.
Exterior One

  Second exterior shot.
Second exterior shot

A carved forest. Details and depth - both amazing!
a carved forest

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