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Kasin Hunter's 2002 Gourd Garden

Two years at the new place.  Whew. Made it so far!  I can't believe the projects are still continuing.  

In order to keep the sanity, I put in my gourd garden at the end of March, 2002.  

Let's see, there was . . .
 sunflowers, squash,
gourds of many variety
chili plants

That much was planned.But then Mother Nature took over and planted . . .
wild coyote gourds
some kinds of ornamental squash
devil's claws

all volunteer, all overtaking the ground.  

Wow! Coyote gourds everywhere!

And more and more! Coyote gourds everywhere you walked.

I had a huge coyote gourd plant volunteer come up right by the front sidewalk.  Look to the right --->

Typically, a coyote gourd leaf is about the size of a cup. Look at this one!  See the quarter on the upper right?


Another leaf from the same volunteer plant.  Yep! That's a quarter sitting there for perspective.  Zowie!

Let's talk Devil's Claws. This plant came up right by the sidewalk -- and over the sidewalk. It's HUGE. The pod of the Devil's claw plant is very unusual looking. But for such an unusual pod, the Devil's Claw produces some of the most beautiful flowers.


The start of the garden

Wild coyote gourd flower A wild coyote gourd flower.

Coyote Gourds
The coyote gourds were coming on like gang busters.

Coyote Gourd leaves, flowers, fruits

One Devil's Claw leaf

Another Devil's Claw leaf

A devil's claw flower A Devil's Claw flower.
This one ranges in pink to off white with shots of mauve on the tips.

More Devil's Claw flowers here
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