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Kasin Hunter's 2002 Gourd Garden

Part Two

From those beautiful  flowers come the fruits -- the pod. The claw is waiting inside.  

Devil's Claws typically grow in pods nested one next to another.  They are covered with a soft green coat that feels like satin to the touch.
Can you see the lovely young pods nestled in the protective shade of the leaves?

If you look closely, you can see the soft fuzz on the pods.

These pods are so new that the withered flower is still attached to the pod tip.

Believe it or not, these pods are edible, but only when they are very young. They taste similar to asparagus.

A regular Claw Convention.

As you can imagine, this plant is huge. It spread clear across the front entrance way - we have to walk around it.  The height is up to my waist. The stocks themselves are not the typical finger size, but more the size of a large Italian sausage in diameter.

A young Devil's Claw

Satiny soft pods.

Another cluster of pods

A lot of young claws

Massively thick stock

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