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Kasin Hunter's 2002 Gourd Art and 2002 Gourd Garden.
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Kasin Hunter's 2002 Computer Graphic Art.


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Kasin Hunter's business web site Art From
My Heart.
Gourds, bead work, craft botanicals and more for sale.
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2001 Gourd Art by Kasin Hunter

To keep my visitors updated on my latest gourd art, I've added on this web site with Tripod. Below on this page are links to my latest gourd art pieces for the year 2001 forward. The page for earlier gourds, art, poem and short story work, 1999 and before, has been deleted. Send requests for past viewings to the email below.

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The following items have been created in 2001 and most are currently for sale. SOLD or GIFTED items are indicated.
(Click on images for enlargements.)

Gourd hybrid. Leather thong for carrying handle. Pyroengraving on all sides depict desert features such as mesquite and Indian icons. Cork stopper.
For sale = $30.00 incl. shipping w/i USA.

Created 2001. Simple gourd canteen with woven jute carrier and wooden beads. Lined with bees wax for water-worthy use.
(In my personal collection.)
African Hilltop Dancers
Kettle gourd approx. 10" x 8". Leather dye, fire hearth charcoal, pyroengraved, ironstone 'dancer rope'. Depicts African maidens engaged in a ritual dance of life and joy.

SOLD Reference Hill Top Dancers.

Western Water
Depicts one of our most valued sources here in the Southwest, water. Turquoise acrylics with cutout windows. Easily converted into table lamp. (Lamp accessories may be purchases for $5.00, not including 4 WT. bulb.) Three dimensional water drop crowns lid. Each window is linked by a small leather bolo tie. Very southwestern in flavor.
For sale: $45.00 incl. ship/hand w/i USA.
Woven Butterfly
Intricately woven with horse hair and pine needles, this folk art piece has different scenes on both sides. One opening is 'covered' with a woven butterfly which has been dyed with pastel leather dyes. The other side is open with a feather-crested and woven entrance. Each side shows a blue butterfly. Interior is finished with colorful decoupaged cotton string confetti.
For sale: $125.00 incl. ship/hand w/i USA.
A Salsa/Chip Bowl made from a Bottleneck gourd. Chips are held in the larger bottom portion with chips held in the smaller top portion. It is finished inside with water resistant finish which makes it washable. I had a metal artist fashion a horse nail stand for it for display and use.
(In my personal collection.)
A Sonoran Night A Sonoran Night
Body: Kettle gourd with top wave cut and pit accents cut by a Dremel. Coloration: acrylics, shoe polish, charcoal, Sapphire Blue Mica, sand texturing gel, wax finish. Embellishments: Devil's claw; turquoise stones and heishi; brass beads; processed whitetail deer antler. Woven: processed, blue, Hopi sheep yarn; poly threads (dark); sanitized gerbil hair (white and tan).

The nicest aspect of this basket unfortunately can not be seen on the Web. The Mica painted over the darker parts of the body gives the black charcoal rubs a lustrous dark blue glint that glistens in the sunlight when the bowl is turned. Just so you know. Maybe some day, Net technology will catch up with artistic expression!

For sale: $235.00 includ. shipping and handling within the USA.

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Tucson Public Library showing for November, 2001.

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Not my stuff, but cool! Teak wood carving

YouTube channel for Kasin Hunter: KasinH's YouTube Videos.

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