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My Chicky Babies

This is Lovey, a Red Sex Link.  She loves to sit on my knee in the mornings, preen and sleep.  She's so very gentle and it's my morning meditation and relaxation to be with her.  I can feel her warm feet even through my jeans.  

I had chickens long ago.  I had forgotten how SOFT they are to hold.  Just wonderful. These are only 11 weeks old right now and still have their fuzzy little butts. So cute.

The chickies have outgrown their chick waterer, but I keep it in the coop for them as an extra water source and a "security blanket" from their baby days.  It's frequented by them often.  

I add seaweed and Azomite to this waterer for extra nutrition.  They go crazy when they find a piece of seaweed floating around.  (grin)

Two red sex links

This is Lovey again with her sister, Little Link.  They are both the same age.  Note the size difference.


This is Spot, a Barred Rock.  she is the first of my group.  Her and her sister, Rocky,  pal around together.  This morning I saw them cooling their "toes" on the waterer together.   This is my mother's favorite kind of hen, the Barred Rock, due to their feather patterning.   I'm rather partial to the Sex Links.  

Spt on straw bale  Here's Spot enjoying the shade on the straw bale.  

Straw bale - fave spot.  

The straw bale is favorite spot to hang out.  It's up higher than ground level and give a good, bird's eye view of all around.  I wonder if someday I'll go out there and find an egg!  :)

 Inside the coop, I put a large hardshell gourd.  They must have been using it at one time, because now it's split.  However, they've outgrown even this nicely sized gourd.  They'll have to use the nesting boxes to the left now instead.

Altogether I have nine chickens at present.
2 Araucanas
2 Barred Rocks
2 Rhode Island Reds
2 red Sex links
1 white leghorn

Added on two black Astralorps in July, Charcoal and Smudge, for a total of eleven chickens.

No eggs yet. They are presently only 11 weeks old.


chicken laying egg

It's August 13th and I have my first egg! A little brown one, that unfortunately was cracked, so no good. Stepped on? Fell? It was on the floor of the coop right below their highest roost.

Update! It's the 16th, and I have my first good egg!! It's small, brown, and lovely hard shell. These chickens are healthy! Here's some pics of the big event.

091803. Here's an update on the girls, including pics of Smudge Smudge, one of the two Astralorps laying an egg in the front chalet.

092703. Another update. A GREEN EGG! My Araucana Araucana laid her first colored egg! And it's GREEN!

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